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Affiliate Agents Required

All areas | No Selling | 50% commission!



Agents required to promote our unique business opportunities with excellent income potential.


No selling required...

Realistic earning potential £30K-£50K first year!

Working from home or office!

No experience required

10 hrs per week!

About Us

CL Promotions has over 30 years experience in the industry. Offering quality, proven products

We currently offer 8 different, low cost business opportunities and all owned and run by CL Promotions under the same roof. You obviously like them and see how unique they are!

You’ll have your own Website and Facebook to offer our services on free sites, and with a 50% discount on all products, the potential income is very powerful.

All our opportunities are quite unique and low cost products, which can bring in over £30K conservable in your first year, in your spare time.

In the world of franchising, it can be very expensive to purchase these products and the licences alone can be many of thousands of pounds.

Many people just want low cost, but genuine opportunities to earn a good income and that’s where we come into our own.

All our products are proven business models and can be run from home/office or some can even be run from anywhere around the world, which means you're not limited to selling in the UK.

Above the Clouds

Our Products

  • Agents for ECO 3 green Scheme

  • Researched Trading

  • Salvage Store

  • Online Stores

  • Online Travel Site

  • Credit Doc

  • Property Developer with funds

  • Agents for our products

Selling our products is just the start of your earning potential…

Other benefits include

On-going commissions from products sold

Read on to find out more

How it works!

Simply promote your website and Facebook on the sites we recommend, many of them are free!




Answer their questions and take the order.

Your website is very informative and will answer most concerns and sell itself.

We are just a phone or email away!



If you struggle, simply pass the enquiry onto us and we’ll work it for you!

If we sell it, we still pay you 50%




If you sell it yourselves and take payment, just pass the client to us and you pay us 50% and you keep 50%

On-going Income!

Yes, plenty of on-going income to be made!!!

These products offer on-going commissions:

Property Development:

you get £500 up-sell on trianing courses they opt for! plus, 0.5% of any completed development, which can be in the thousands of £££’s.

Salvage store:

Every car purchased by your clients, you receive 50% of the profit, which means hundred’s of £££’s in commission.

Your Website!

Your site will mirror ours, the only difference is it will have your number and email address, so customers can contact you directly.

We will operate your site and make any updates that are required as we are constantly up-dating with new products. Therefore, one less thing for you to worry about.

There is a hosting fee of £9 per month for your site which you pay each month. Other than that, there are no other on-going costs…


Money Making Machine!


1st year OTE £30K plus...

Starting a new business can be daunting but with our help, great products and a low cost start up fee, your stress levels are less and you can start earning from day one and finish off the year in a much better place before you started.


2nd year OTE £50K plus...

In your second year, you’re feeling confident with your business knowledge and now it’s a well proven business with repeat commissions and customers and your earnings are building as does your client list. Life’s improving, regular income for little hours, freedom is just around the corner.

credit 9.jpg

3rd year OTE £100K plus...

In your third year you are a professional business person with 3 years of increased earnings. Your accountant loves you and so do the credit companies Confidents is high and you can now start to reap the rewards of your business. Your credit rating has improved, house, car are all available, along with plenty of spare money for holiday’s and all the things you deserve!


Cost to join our team...

Our full package is just £995

• Full website, including SEO on Google

Licence access to all our products

• Weekly up-dates on status & commissions

• Staff support with conversion assist

• 50% profit on all deals, plus on-going 


• Access to cheap car traders insurance if


• Free advertising info and full instruction

• Support and back-up

Pay by PayPal £995


Or, pay by Bank Transfer and save £45 in PayPal fees only £950:

Instant bank transfer, please find our bank details:

Bank: Lloyds

Name: CL Promotions

Sort Code: 30-91-91

Account No: 24999468

If you bank transfer, please email us direct to notify us, so we can check immediately and start to process your order.


Thank you for taking the time to read this information...

  • New Business Manager: Chris Jones

  • Tel: 01625 704900

  • Email us:

Agreed terms
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