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Agents Required...

Promote this service across the UK

The Government launched the ECO 3 scheme to help reduce carbon emissions and make peoples homes more energy efficient…

Who Qualifies?

More people than you can imagine!


Millions of homes qualify for this scheme, they just don’t know about it…


Boilers, windows, heating, solar panels, insulation, wall, roof and underfloor are all


Yes, you can also have windows replaced as part of the scheme.

Windows are a main part in keeping your home warm and insulated.

Therefore, they qualify for ECO 3 scheme.

So, subject to survey, these can be up-graded for brand new one’s, totally free of charge!

Underfloor, wall and loft insulation are all part of the scheme…

Window Insulation
Online Shopping


Complete short form

Step 1

We'll confirm if you are eligible within 30 mins

Step 2

Arrange a survey within a few days!

Step 3

Arrange installation within 7-10 days!

Step 4


Become an Agent for;

CL Promotions from just £99

No selling

No experience required

Website available £200 (Recommended but optional provided you have your own website)

Excellent commissions paid upon completion £50-£1,000

Simply let people know about the scheme and forward them to your website to apply or, take their details and pass on to us to process for you.

What does an Agent do?

Promote the scheme anywhere in the UK, simple!

As an Agent you can advertise anywhere within the UK

FREE advertising!

Start with your family, friends and Facebook social media…


We offer £50 advertising packages over 30 days, for website holders only, guaranteeing 3,000 visitors


A full information pack will be supplied with sample adverts and details of how people apply and qualify for the scheme once you join…

Our Terms:

By joining as an ECO3 Agent for CL Promotions, you agree to the following:

You shall not miss-lead customers by promising them that their application will be successful. This will be determined by CL Promotions.

You are self-employed and responsible for your own Tax and National Insurance from any commissions received by CL Promotions.

Any refunds due regarding your agents fee only (Not website purchases or PayPal fee’s) will only be refunded provided your first deal is fully completed to our satisfaction and we receive commission on that deal.

Commissions are paid on a 50-50% basis. If we receive £500, you will receive £250 and so on. 

Commissions will vary on each property, depending on the work done, size and other variables which can effect the commission due.

We will notify you of the commission due as soon as we are notified, which is normally after the survey

We have the right to cancel your Agency at anytime and for any reason. This will only be done if you fail to follow our guidance or we have complaints about you.

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Join us!

If you pay by banks transfer it’s £99 (You must have your own website).

If you require a website it’s £299


Lloyds – CL Promotions

Sort Code: 30-91-91

Account No: 24999468


PayPal payment is £109 due to fees they charge. Click the icon below… With website its £325





If you pay by banks transfer, please email us to notify us you have paid, so we can process your order!


PayPal payments will notify us automatically…

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