Do you want to invest in the right crypto-currencies, wisely and safe but don't know where to start?

Now you can with Crypto-Buddy...

No experience or little is a must! We only help people who want to start in this industry.

Crypto-Buddy specialise in crypto-currency and help people like you make potential massive gains!

Crypto currency has made many people like you... rich, now its your turn to get involved. 

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singer 3.jpg

Song Writer...

Would you like your very own song or album in the charts and you don't even need to write it...

That's right... we'll do it all for you!

Our professional musicians and producers will written and produce it for you, including front cover design and published worldwide with you as the legal owner!

In just 4 weeks you could have one of the most listened too, songs or album with millions of listeners from all over the world, from the worlds largest platforms!

Agents Required...

Motor accidents happen everyday!

Excellent commissions  for every person you send to us that's had an accident that was not their fault...

We'll sort them a FREE car hire!
We'll recovery their vehicle for FREE!
We'll get their vehicle professionally repaired.
Even assist if their injured for maximum compensation!

All regardless if the don't have recovery, car hire cover or just third party insurance.

Its not their fault, so we'll make the third parties insurance pay for everything!


We have teamed up with one of the most reputable accident management  companies in the UK.

  • No Selling

  • No Experience

  • Low cost

  • Earn £195 per person

  • Own website 

  • Free advertising

  • Full back office support

Secure your future today!

New Car Keys

Been in an accident and it was not your fault?

  • FREE car hire!

  • We'll recover your vehicle for FREE!

  • Arrange your vehicle to be professionally repaired.

Regardless, even if you have third party cover and not covered for a hire car!

We have you covered...

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Gaming App

Have your own Gaming App fully re-skinned and customised to your own requirements!

Allow our professionals to build your own gaming app and publish it on the largest platforms in the world...

Play Store & Apple Store, where millions of people will have access to your game!

3 ways to an unlimited earning potential from a world-wide audience.

FREE SEO package worth £299 to help send millions of potential customers to your app!

This month only!  

Salvage Store

Run your own car salvage business from home.


No experience or licence required, full back-up and support given.

HPi clear vehicles nearly new from £4,000.

Catergory nearly new cars from £2,000

Trade in's from £400


  • Full reports

  • No traveling

  • No bidding

  • No premises

  • No hassle!  

Our system makes it easy for anyone with no experience to become involved in this very lucrative business...


Online Store

Online shopping is booming!

Run your own online store...

  • Earn while you sleep

  • Operate anywhere in the world

  • No selling

  • No stock

  • No staff worries

  • Wholesale discounts

  • Amazon Affiliate

  • Dual stores

  • Nike trainers £25, you sell for £70

  • Free advertising

  • 7 days until your up and running

Online Travel Site

Holiday bookings are going mad ready for Corona lifting measures...

Run you own travel website...

  • Earn while you sleep

  • Operate anywhere

  • No selling

  • No stock

  • No staff

  • Latest software

  • Automatically updates

  • Generous commissions

  • Earn if people just click

Travel 2.jpg
credit 2.jpg

Credit Doc

Run your own credit referral agency...

Referring customers to us that require the following credit products with good or bad credit.

  • Mortgages

  • Re-Mortgages

  • Secured Loans

  • Un-secured loans

  • Commercial Loans

  • Asset Finance

  • Car Finance

Property Delevoper

Property development with no need to fund it yourself...

  • No capital needed, funding waiting

  • No experience as training given

  • 50% profit you'll receive

  • Develop anywhere in UK

  • Flexible working 6 months to 60 months

  • Applications approved within weeks

  • Full legal team at your disposal

  • You look after the build

  • We take care of the legal side

  • Full back up and support

property 1.jpg

Affiliate Agent

Do you like our products?

Promote them and earn 50% commissions...

  • You'll have your own website

  • Multiple earning potential

  • Low cost products

  • No selling

  • Massive earning potentials

  • Weekly updates

  • Quick payout

  • Full back up and support