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Salvage Store by:

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We have a supply of vehicles from the UK’s leading car salvage experts with nearly
30 years experience!


Run your own Car Salvage business from home!

No experience required

Full instruction with on-going training and support

Our Product:

Buy at trade prices or lower!

We supply, 100%, none recorded cars (HPi clear) that might have just a few marks or dents on them, to category cars, all types available, most, still with manufacturer warranties on them!

Some have already been repaired and others that require repairing, even write off’s, if you wish to sell it off in parts, which can take time but has massive profits.

No Bidding | No Auctions to deal with | No mess | Nationwide Delivery to your door or work shop.

Cars from £500 to nearly new cars from £4,000, some still with manufactures warranty!

The Business Model:

Working from home or anywhere you chose! You will be able to purchase these vehicles direct through us at very low prices.

We offer on-going help and support, so no experience is required, but the love of cars is helpful.

Once you select a vehicle from our available list on the Salvage Store website, simply select the vehicle(s) your interested in to see the full report and video of the vehicle and its damage, along with a repair cost from our in-house body shop/garage. This will reflect the average cost to repair the vehicle at your local garage.

You can then confirm the total cost of buying the vehicle and its repair costs before purchase. 

Then do your own home work on the Internet, look on Auto-Trader to see what the vehicle is selling for and to get a value of your vehicle. From there, work out your potential profit, don't just take our word for it, but we will be spot on!

Once your happy with your profit margins and wish to purchase the vehicle, you can by bank transfer. We can then arrange delivery to you or your chosen garage/body shop.

All the vehicles will be as described in our report and the pictures|video are that of the actual vehicle!

Registration fee: from £150: 

Why we are different than an Auction?


• Simply purchase vehicles when you wish, no bidding!

• Full access to all vehicles, supplied to you at trade prices or even


• Cost of repair reports, so your local garage does not try to over

   charge you

• Full inspection of each vehicle, including repair cost and

   retail|private selling price and potential profits.

• Video's of vehicles, so you can get a price quote in your area

   before purchase and no travelling involved wasting your time

   and money.

• Nationwide delivery (Cost varies on where you live)

   but an example Manchester to Birmingham only £100

• Help with your Trade Insurance to drive all cars, even your

   own private car(s) and the best prices.

• Detailed Instructions from buying to selling

• On-going help and support, including how to prepare

   vehicles and sell them for maximum profit. 


Everything you need to run and operate your own vehicle

salvage business, no experience needed… Full packages available

Why Us?

  • We only make money selling you cars, so its important you keep coming back time and time again, so we are here to help you all the way to make sure you make money.

  • Full assistance with every purchase, to ensure your happy before purchase.

  • We have nearly 30 years experience in this field to ensure you

       have success, as your success is ours.

  • You can use your vehicle until its sold, which will save on purchasing your own car, which only losses you money. No car payments or depreciating assets.

  • Help with your Trade Insurance to drive any car within your policy, drive your own cars.

  Ask yourself these questions:

•  Can I afford to join and purchase one car?

•  Do I have a garage near me that can fix body


•  Can I advertise a car on Auto-Trader or


If you can answer yes to these 3 questions, then with our help, there’s no reason why you can’t make serious money!

Example of your profit potential:

Dated: 01.05.20 (NOW SOLD)

Here is an example of one of our cars that sold recently, so you can see yourself how the profit margins work!

2019 Renault Captur 1.5dci GT Line (Only 1800 miles)

Our price: £6,595 Cheapest on AutoTrader at time £11,300.00

Repair cost: £900.00   Total cost: £7,495

Retails: £11,995 | Potential max profit margin £5,005.00

Private Sale: £10,995.00

Trade Sale: £9,698.00


Work part time for full time money!

Just selling 1 car a month, average profit £2,000.00

•2 cars = £4,000.00

•4 cars = £8,000.00

So, you can see, there is massive potential here, we do it every day!

Literally, just a few hours is all it takes on your part. We deliver to your chosen body shop, you collect it all fixed, maybe you valet the car (your choice) then advertise it and drive it until sold if you wish. We’ve sold cars within hours!

We are here to support you every step, to ensure you don’t make the mistakes that in-experienced people, that try this business, do make, everyday!

Join our team using PayPal, from only £150 register fee! 






If you feel you require more help and guidance, why not enquire about our full business package for beginners.

Contact us on: or call: Chris Jones on: 01625 704900 if you have any questions

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